Choosing the right kitchen designer in solihull?

Whether you kitchen is old and tired, in desperate need of a facelift or you are doing a complete renovation. Making sure you have the right kitchen designer Solihull could be worth the investment in your time.

If your kitchen project is going to cost more than a couple of hundred pounds it would definitely be time to call in an expert and get it right first time.

Most kitchen designers in Solihull now have access to planning tools and technology that most people don’t, but they also have the right information on current trends and materials to make the most out of your kitchen space.

Follow the Tips below to ensure your project runs as smoothly as it possible can.

Whoever you decide to choose, see examples of their previous work and if available, client references to ensure that they are as good as you think they are. It may sometimes be possible to visit on site some of the work the installer has carried out.

Make a note of what you do or don’t like about your current kitchen, there isn’t much point in a designer coming out doing a remodel of you current kitchen and placing the fridge in the wrong place or the wrong type of extractor.

Do your research on the type of look and feel you want. Check out decorating websites, interior design websites and magazines for that all important inspiration on what you want your kitchen to look like. A picture can communicate to the designer much more efficiently than you trying to explain a look.
Try to be a little flexible, the designer isn’t there to railroad you into something you don’t want, however they will have the ability to spot flaws or materials that possibly won’t or will work as part of your design.

Have a real expectation of you budget, this is to avoid the disconnection between your wish list and the reality of what can be afforded. If budget allows high end appliances, materials and finishes, your designer/ kitchen installer will work with these.

Work out a timeline, once a decision is made on how you want the kitchen to look, budgets are agreed. The next step is to agree a start and end date. Scheduling in this type of work is vital and should be done in a timely fashion to avoid disappointment, most kitchen fitters will need to call on other trades like gas safe engineers or electricians to help out on the job and if they are not booked in, projects can sometimes be delayed.

Try to keep changes minimal, to avoid costs rising and timescales expanding, changes mid way through a project should be avoided as much as they possibly can, however nobodies perfect and its inevitable that throughout a large project changes will be made, for example adding additional plug sockets or upgrading the material on a worktop, but be aware most changes will affect price 9 times out of 10.

The best thing to remember is you are almost there with you perfect kitchen, hopefully thanks to Solihull Kitchens.

If you would like to discuss any of your Kitchen design ideas please don’t hesitate to contact Solihull Kitchens on Phone: 07967 483056